Monday, May 6, 2013

Romance with Princess is not over, says Robin Douglas-Home

May 6, 1957

Robin Douglas Home told a Swedish newspaper that his romance with Princess Margaretha of Sweden is "not over," reports the Associated Press

The master of the Swedish royal household said last night that Douglas Home, 25, had proposed to Princess Margaretha, 22, the eldest granddaughter of King Gustav VI, but her family will not allow the marriage.

From his London home, Douglas Home, a piano player, telephoned the Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's largest daily newspaper, and said the marshal's statement was "mere nonsense.  This is far from being finished, I assure you."

Earlier tonight, however, "between piano numbers," he spoke to several reporters
, and denied making the statements.

By day, Douglas Home, nephew of the Earl of Home, works in advertising, and at night, he plays piano at a hotel cocktail lounge."

Princess Margaretha and Douglas Home met last winter when she was living with family friends in London.  One London newspaper reported she had been called back home and her family forbid her to "communicate with her suitor."

The Swedish royal family has denied this.

King Gustav VI is said to disapprove of his granddaughter's romance.  Her mother, Princess Sibylla, has written to Douglas-Home, telling him that the marriage was "unthinkable."

Margaretha's father, Prince Gustav Adolf, was killed in a plane crash ten years ago.  Her younger brother, Carl Gustaf, 11, is the heir to the throne.   Margaretha is not in the line of succession as females do not have a right to the throne.


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Marlene, Is this the same Robin Douglas Home that had an affair with Princess Margaret, and died by suiciding?

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