Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grand Duchess Charlotte arrives today

May 1, 1963

Grand Duchess Charlotte and her son, Hereditary Grand Duke Jean, will arrive in Chicago, reports the Chicago Tribune.

A spokesman for Mayor Daley's office told the Tribune:  "The grand duchess is really a down to earth lady, a most interested person."

There will be some "pomp and circumstance" during the two-day visit. 

The Grand Duchess' "principal hobby is gardening," especially roses.  She loves to fish in Scotland and fly-fish in the streams of Luxembourg.  The Grand Duchess also enjoys stamp collecting, and Chopin, Brahms and Mozart are her "favorite composers."

Holidays are spent on the French Riviera.   Grand Duchess Charlotte and her husband, Prince Felix, have six children and 24 grandchildren.  She also enjoys spending time "in the solitude of her estate in the Bavarian mountains."

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