Friday, May 3, 2013

So who will Giovanna marry?

May 4, 1929

Now that a marriage between King Boris III of Bulgaria and Princess Giovanna of Italy is unlikely to take place, the question arises: who will Givoanna marry?

The Associated Press reports that religious differences made it impossible for the 21-year-old princess, second daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy, to marry the Bulgarian king.  Roman "society gossip" is
centered on trying to discover the most probable candidate."

Cross Prince Nicholas of Romania off the list.  The second son of the late King Ferdinand is "out of the running" for several reasons.    Prince Charles, Count of Flanders, the second son of the King and Queen of the Belgians, was once seen as a "possible aspirant" but he is "heard less and less now" in Roman salons.

For religious reasons, the younger sons of King George V, the Duke of Gloucester and Prince George, are not eligible.  They cannot marry a Catholic.

There are numerous German princes, members of former ruling families, but the marriage between a German Catholic prince and the daughter of the King of Italy is "highly improbable."

There is already one German son-in-law in the family.  Giovanna's older sister, Princess Mafalda married Prince Philipp of Hesse in 1925. 

Thus, the Princess might turn to one of the scions of Italian nobility ... or even a commoner.  Her eldest sister, Princess Jolanda is married to Count Calvi di Bergolo for the past six years.  Another member of the "more moderate aristocracy" might be "welcome" in the Italian royal family.

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