Monday, May 13, 2013

Nobles decide Miss Leishman's status

May 14, 1913

Miss Nancy Leishman, the daughter of the American Ambassador to Germany, can never "hope to be recognized by a German Court either as a Duchess or as a 'Highness'," reports the New York Times.

The Associated of High German Nobility discussed the forthcoming marriage between Miss Leishman and the Duke of Croy at their annual meeting, which was held recently at Frankfurt-am-Main.

The association decided that the Duke of Croy's marriage could not be recognized unless his bride was a woman of 'equal birth'.

The society's weekly newspaper offered a statement on the situation:  "Mr. Leishman, who in other respects enjoys the reputation of being a very intelligent businessman, appears not have informed himself sufficiently regarding the chances which await his daughter in the case of her marriage to the sovereign Duke of Dülmen, Westphalia."

In spite of the organization's apprehensions toward Miss Leishman's "unequal birth," the marriage is expected to go ahead, probably in June at the home of the bride's family in Paris. 

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