Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The State Funeral

“Today we are fulfilling the legacy of King Peter I, who passed to us obligation to protect our country, our faith, our people and our descendants. "
This was the statement made earlier today by Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia after the casket containing the remains of his uncle Prince Andrej arrived in Belgrade from the United States.
Thus, Prince Andrej, the youngest of the three sons, of King Alexander I and Queen Marie, will be re-interred along with his oldest brother, King Peter II, Peter's wife, Queen Alexandra, and their mother, Queen Marie, following the State Funeral at Oplenac on May 26.
This is wonderful news.   There should never have been an exile. The Royal Family did not need to lose their throne, their country, their lives.  They did not steal from the Yugoslav/Serbian people.  Life in exile was neither easy nor comfortable.  No great wealth hidden away in British banks. 
I've received a personal invitation to attend the State Funeral, and I accepted.  I leave next week for what will be my third visit to Serbia.  Amazing.  (I will also be spending a few days in Montenegro, staying in Budva, and traveling to Cetinje, the former royal capital.  I also will try to see Villa Milocer, which was Queen Marie's vacation home in Sveti Stefan, not too far from Budva.
I will be providing reports here at Royal Musings, as well as on Twitter.  I WILL NOT be providing updates during the actual funeral.  

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