Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prince Vladimir responds to news about his father, Prince Andrej

Prince Vladimir and Princess Brigitta, Bucharest, 2011

A statement released by Prince Vladimir of Serbia.

Today, at 08:13 on the 14th of May 2013, I was informed by a friend in Australia that plans had been made and executed behind my back in order to bring back the remains of my late father, Kraljevic Andrej, to Serbia in order to be buried at Oplenac on the 26th of this month.

Although I had made very clear demands, as the head of the Kraljevic Andrej branch of the Karadjordjevic family, that the remains of my late father were to remain in the USA until I, as his eldest son and the one who was with him in the days before his death, saw fit to have them transferred to Oplenac, these demands and instructions have been ignored and violated.

It is a very sad day indeed when the eldest and rightful son of a father, as head of his branch, is betrayed by those in his family that he has loved and served for decades.

I am informing you all of this because I do not want you to think that this latest action had anything to do with me, or that I have changed my mind. I stand by my decision and instructions that I made many months ago and I am sorry that others within the family have chosen to take this course of action.

As I have also stated previously, despite my feelings about this entire affair, I will dutifully attend the ceremony on the 26th in order to pay my heartfelt respects to my uncle, HM the late King Petar II and his wife, my grandmother HM the late Queen Marija and now my father, the late Kraljevic Andrej.

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