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Illa to marry Prince Philipp of Thurn und Taxis.

May 7, 1929

Princess Eulalia of Thurn und Taxis is going to marry her cousin, Prince Philipp Ernst of Thurn und Taxis, according to the New York Times. The princess, who is known as Illa, was engaged to marry Philipp's brother, Raphael, and the marriage was scheduled for last January 31. But Illa realized that she loved Philipp, and not Raphael, and she made her views known to her family, and the marriage was called off only a few hours before it was to have taken place.

Prince Philipp who turns 21 today, has received his father's blessing for the marriage. The couple will be married in September.

On January 31, Princess Illa, daughter of Prince Erich Lamoral of Thurn und Taxis, left Prince Philipp Ernst's brother, Prince Raphael at the altar.

Princess Illa met the two brothers at Baden-Baden.  The families met privately to arrange a marriage between the princess and one of her cousins. The meeting appeared to indicate "the wisdom of an alliance between her and Prince Raphael.  She showed "a preference for him," and the couple's engagement was soon announced.

But when the two brothers met again in January in Regensburg for the wedding, Princess Illa realized that "she really loved the younger prince."

She went to Prince Raphael's father,  Prince Albert, who discussed the situation with her grandfather, Prince Alexander, the head of the Czech branch of the family.

A family council was called, and the 20-year-old princess was "commended for her courage and candor, as she spoke of her love for Prince Philipp .  Her marriage to Prince Raphael was called off, and her engagement to Prince Philipp was "tentatively approved," until he turned 21.


Unknown said...

I always found this a romantic story--torn between 2 brothers, a wedding called off at the last minute--pretty much everything you could want in a romantic tale. Did the marriage prove as happy as the romance?

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Erinna said...

Am I the only sane one who is having an issue with the incestuous aspect of the "romantic" tale?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Apparently. Incest is having sex with your own family member. Illa was engaged to Raphael, but broke it off right before the wedding. Raphael was not her brother, but the brother of the man she eventually married. They were related but not first cousins. The Duke of Oldenburg and his brother, Peter, married sisters. Duke Philipp of Wurttemberg married Helene of Austria. After her death, he married her sister, Rosa