Thursday, January 29, 2009

Royal cousins play in the snow

January 29, 1935

Crown Prince Michael of Roumania, an ex-king at the age of 13, visited his first cousin, 11-year-old King Peter of Yugoslavia, for the first time today. They got out their skis and "slid down the long slopes of the palace grounds." Peter then showed his cousin his tools in the palace workshop. Tomorrow, Michael and Peter "plan more exciting skiing."

This was the first royal visit that King Peter has received since succeeding to the throne following his father's assassination last October. Crown Prince Michael " was ceremoniously introduced" to King Peter. The two boys were "left to get acquainted in the fashion of boys everywhere."

Crown Prince Michael recently visited his mother, Queen Helen, in Italy.
Peter's mother, Queen Marie of Yugoslavia, and Michael's father, King Carol II, are sister and brother.

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