Monday, January 5, 2009

Crown Prince of Saxony to reconcile with his wife??

January 4, 1903

Credible sources connected with the the Court of Saxony are intimating that the family of the Crown Prince of Saxony are discussing a possible reconciliation between the Crown Prince and his wife. The sources state that the Crown Prince is especially concerned about the future of the Crown Princess' unborn child. He worries about a "possible substitution, which is supposed the Princess might attempt if the Crown Prince's family attempted to claim the child," according to a report in the New York Times.
King Georg of Saxony continues to insist that his son's "faithless wife will be cast adrift," but the Crown Prince "places no obstacles on reconciliation."

It will be impossible, however, for Crown Princess Louise to return to court and be queen, but there are discussions that she could live "near the frontier, where she could see her children occasionally."
The court will not negotiation with Mr. Giron, but acknowledge that the Crown Princess "might be induced to accept the foregoing propsals on account for the love of her children."

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