Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alfonso in preparation for childrens' weddings

January 8, 1935

King Alfonso XIII of Spain, who has been in exile for nearly four years, seems unconcerned about reports about his marriage, as he plans for the marriages of two of children: Jaime and Beatriz. Royalist sources say that king is pleased with the "prospects of the two marriages." Infanta Beatriz will marry Italian nobleman, Prince Alessandro Torlonia next Monday. No date has been set for Don Jaime's marriage to Emanuela de Dampierre.
It is said that the King plans provide an income to Beatriz and Jaime on their wedding days. Each will receive $25,000 a year from the King.
Alfonso's own marriage to Queen Ena is said to be in trouble. Sources reveal that the couple are seeking a legal separation and a division of property. The queen is said to be desire the separation so she can preserve her own property as "Alfonso's expenses so greatly exceed her own."
Royalist sources tell the AP that plans for an annulment have been dropped "because of the prominence of the pair."
The King's official spokesman, however, denies reports of an impending legal separation.
Queen Ena is in London with her eldest son, the Count of Covadongam whose marriage to a Cuban heiress, is said to be shaky.

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