Friday, January 30, 2009

Grand Duke's natural son sues for inheritance

January 30, 1909

Count Valevoski, the natural son of the late Grand Duke Alexis of Russia, who died two months ago in Paris, plans to file suit against Grand Duke Wladimir, who is the executor of Alexis's estate.
Grand Duke Alexis openly acknowledged his son, whose mother was a maid of honor at the Russian court, and stated in his will and other documents that his son was entitled to the bulk of his estate, which is worth more than $100,000,000. However, Grand Duke Wladimir, has so far "refused to disgorge a solitary kopeck," to Alexis's son.

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Count Alexis Belesvky-Joukosky was as well Baron Seggiano; the later title was garnted by the Republic of San Marino on 24.3.1875 to his mother and him. On 21.3.1884 he became Count Belevsky. The name was chossen after the village Belev in the province of Toula where his grandducal father had extensive holdings. After the death of his grandfather Vassilii Joukowsky 1901 without male descendence he was authorized to add "Joukowsky" to his title. This was a Russian tradition.