Monday, January 5, 2009

London paper defends royal engagement announce despite denial

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January 5, 1923 

 The Daily News, a London newspaper, has commented on an official denial of its announcement of "the forthcoming engagement of the Prince of Wales to the daughter of a Scottish peer." 

 "The Daily News desires to point out that it has at no time 'announced,' as alleged, the forthcoming engagement of the Prince to an Italian princess, nor has it made a 'very definite statement' to that effect. The words apparently alluded to were: 'Plans are on foot for a union between the Prince of Wales and an Italian princess.'

 "The only definite statement made by The Daily News was that the Prince of Wales is about to be engaged to the daughter of a Scottish peer. 

Reference to last Wednesday's Daily News will show that the whole purpose of the earlier article was to enter a plea for the Prince's right to freedom of choice. Such a plea would have been both purposeless and ill-mannered if it had been coupled with the alleged announcement. It will be regarded by the public as unfortunate that inaccuracies which cannot fail to detract from the weight of the denial should have been allowed to creep into a court communiqué of this importance. 

"On the main question, The Daily News is satisfied to await the verdict of time."


Anonymous said...

In the many royal books that I have read, speculation has been rife concerning Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's affection for the Prince of Wales. Was she really fond of him or was that just to cover up the ongoing pursuit by Prince Albert?

I also wonder if there was any truth to her affection for James Stuart. I don't suppose that we will ever really know, but it makes for interesting reading.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I don't think Elizabeth was ever interested in the Prince of Wales. But there was definitely something with James Stuart, as he was sent off to Oklahoma for a job -- and it was alleged that this was done to get him out of the way.