Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Albrecht wants art gallery back

January 28, 1935

Archduke Albrecht of Austria arrived in Vienna today to begin negotiations with the Austrian government for restitution regarding his father, Archduke Friedrich's, property, which was confiscated after the end of the world war. The negotiations are moving slowly, and the Austrian government has refused so far to pay restitution for Friedrich's picture galleries and art work, which form "a greater part" of the estate.
Albrecht is now "endeavoring to reach an agreement" regarding the family's Albertina collection, one of the world's most famous collection of sketches drawings. The collection was considered Archduke Friedrich's private property. So far, the Austrian government has refused to transfer this collection to Hungary, where Archduke Albrecht now resides. The government also refuses to pay an indemnity for the collection. The Archduke has said he will take his case to the World Court at the Hague if the Austrian government refuses to provide the restitution for Friedrich's property.

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