Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are there royal jewels buried in a cemetery in Brooklyn

January 8, 1923

Soldiers are patrolling the "snowy mounds" at the National Cemetery at Cypress Hill, Brooklyn, as the guard the grave of Seaman Samuel Jones, which is reported to contain $4,000,000 of Russian crown jewels. United States Customs officials have decided that if the jewels are found, they will be handed over to the nearest relatives of the late Nicholas II, who was assassinated in 1918.
The informants, who told officials about the jewels, will not be entitled to anything. This is due to a precedent set in 1831 during President Andrew Jackson's administration. The Princess of Orange's jewels had been stolen and brought to America, where they were seized by customs officials. President Jackson believed that the jewels should be returned to the princess, a ruling that was upheld by the Supreme Court.

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John said...

fascinating! My great-grandmother is buried in that same cemetery.