Friday, January 9, 2009

Archduchess Eleonore marries and renounces rank

January 9, 1913

Archduchess Eleonore of Austria was married today to Naval Lieutenant Alfons von Kloss. The archduchess, who is the eldest daughter of Archduke Karl Stephan, a second cousin of Emperor Franz Joseph, has "renounced all her family rights and rank." She met and fell in love with Herr von Kloss when he was commanding her father's yacht.

The wedding took place "in the quaint old chapel at Onybusch, Galicia," which is Archduke Karl Stephan's country seat. Only a few guests were present in the tiny chapel "filled with rare trophies of the forest, eagles suspended from the ceiling, holding electric globes in their claws."

Eleonore "wore a simple white frock." The wedding was performed by the chaplain, who was assisted by the local village priest. The couple will spend their honeymoon in a "lonely villa" near Polo on the Adriatic, as Lt. von Kloss has only a three week leave before he returns to his ship.

The archduchess will now be known as Mrs. von Kloss.

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