Thursday, January 8, 2009

Georgian families to be united in marriage

HRH Prince David Bagration-Mukhrani, who is the head of the royal house of Georgia, is getting married on February 8 in Tbilisi. His bride is HRH Princess Anna Bagration-Grunzinsky, who is the daughter of a rival claimaint for Georgia's throne. David now lives full time in Tbilsi, having obtained Georgian nationality in 1994. He also has Spanish citizenship.

Anna, who was born in Tbilsi in 1976, is the daughter of Prince Nuzgar and his wife Leila Kipiani. Prince Nuzgar has considered that his line is superior to Prince David's as he descends in the male line from the last king of Georgia, George XII, who died in 1800. This line of succession, which is a senior line to the Bagration branch, would make Nuzgar the king of Georgia, and his elder daughter, as heir. The Georgian succession is based on male primogeniture. Prince Nuzgar has no sons. Thus, a marriage between Anna and David would eliminate dual claims as their son or daughter would represent both lines.

The religious wedding will take place at Tiblisi's Holy Trinity (Sameba) Cathedral.

Here is a link to a Spanish newspaper article about the wedding:

David, who was born in Madrid in June 1976, succeeded to the headship of the Georgian royal house in January 2008, following the death of his father, Jorge. David's older brother, Prince Irakli, renounced his rights to the throne.

Prince David is related to the Russian Imperial Family as his paternal great aunt Leonide, is the widow of Grand Duke Wladimir of Russia. Their daughter, Grand Duchess Maria, is David's first cousin once removed.

So far, none of the Georgian news sites in English have mentioned the marriage.

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