Friday, January 9, 2009

Grand Duchess Marie received police protection during LA visit

January 9, 1939

Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna of Russia has asked for police protection to Los Angeles. City officials have responded by providing armed police guards for the Grand Duchess, who is in Los Angeles for a lecture tour. She is staying at the home of Mrs. Hugo Rumboltz.
The Grand Duchess' tour is sponsored by the Braille Institute. She asked for the protection, after receiving numerous "Communist threats." The Grand Duchess has been earning her own living since fleeing Russia during the revolution. When asked about women who must "earn their livelihood," Marie responded: "Just go ahead and do it."
Although she declared eight years ago that she was not "particularly interested in clothes," the Grand Duchess was "smartly gowned in black, wore a silver fox-collared black coat, a pert black hat and black Oxfords."
She said: "You might call me a feminist who believes that men are still superior. I think essentially woman's place is in the home -- helping relieve unemployment by staying out of jobs men can fill." she was also asked about the future of royalty. "You ask if there is 'any future in being a king or a nobleman,' I answer, 'Is there a future in anything!'"

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