Monday, May 27, 2013

Photos from the State Funeral, Sunday May 26, 2013

The Badens in the Hyatt Lobby as we wait for our bus

Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein

Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein

Sir Desmond da Silva

King Constantine II and Queen Anne Marie

Crown Princess Margarita of Romania

Back:  Prince Dushan of Serbia  Front: Prince Michael and Austin Pritchard Levy

Prince Dushan, Prince Nicholas

Prince Nicholas and Princess Linda

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Michel

in the back: Princess Eleonora and Prince Serge

Prince Radu in the back

Marlene and Paul and Kate  Brandram

The Patriarch



Mark Wills said...

What a treasured experience. Thank you for sharing, Marlene! I was surprised not to see Catherine Oxenburg in attendance but I may have overlooked her in the pics you posted.

John said...

The 3rd photo of you is very flattering. Did you get to see the regalia close up? I am very curious about it, it's beautiful with it's blue and white enamel.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Mark. Catherine attended her grandfather and grandmother's funeral. She did not attend this event