Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tsarevich to Marry Princess Elena

May 18, 1891

The Vienna correspondent for The Times states that "a marriage has been arranged" between the Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia and Princess Elena, the fourth daughter of Prince Nicholas of Montenegro, reports the Washington Post.

The correspondent commented: "Such a marriage would be of great political importance and could not fail to give the highest satisfaction to the Pan-Slavist world."

Nicholas, the heir apparent, to the Russian throne, is the eldest son of Alexander III and his Danish-born wife, Marie.   He is celebrating his 23rd birthday today.

Princess Elena is 18 years old.  Two of her older sisters are already living in Russia.  Princess Militza is married to Grand Duke Peter of Russia, and Princess Anastasia is the wife of Prince George, Duke of Leuchtenberg.

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