Friday, May 13, 2016

Prince George hailed for saving life of Tsarevitch

May 13, 1891

St. Petersburg newspapers are full of warm praise for the "gallantry of Prince George of Greece," the companion of Tsarevitch Nicholas, heir to the Russia throne.  The two young men, who are first cousins, were traveling together in Otsu, Japan, when Nicholas was attacked.    Prince George felled Nicholas' assailant, and, thus, saved his life, reports the New York Times.

The newspapers note that the Russian people will never forget Prince George's bravery and his actions.

There was much concern in the city about the Tsarevitch's condition, and "great rejoicing" when it was announced that he had not been "dangerously wounded."

The first reports from Japan were "exaggerated," and there was a "decided feeling of relief" when it became known that the heir had not been killed.

When Nicholas' mother, Empress Marie received word of the would be "murderous attack" on her son, she exclaimed: "He is dead. You are hiding the truth from me," and then she "fell into a faint."

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