Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A king for Croatia

May 18, 1941

Croatia has a new King:  Prince Aimone, Duke of Spoleto, reports the New York Times. He is the younger son of the late Duke of Aosta and Princess Helene of France.  His older brother, Prince Amedeo, is the present Duke of Aosta.

The King of Croatia, who is 41 years old, was educated at Italy's Naval Academy.  H received the rank of ensign, and was "just old enough to serve in the Italian air corps in the latter months of the World War."

An accomplished motor boat racer, the Duke married Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark in July 1939.  The wedding guests included King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy and King George of Greece, who is the bride's brother; King Ferdinand of Bulgaria and King Alfonso XIII of Spain.  The Duchess of Kent, a cousin of the bride, flew to Florence, to attend the wedding.

Princess Irene, who is expected to become the Queen Consort of Croatia, is the second daughter of the late King Constantine and Queen Sophie of the Hellenes.  She has lived in Italy since her father's abdication in 1922.   Her older sister, Princess Helen, is the former wife of King Carol II of Romania.

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