Thursday, May 5, 2016

Searching for a royal bride for Charles

May 5, 1956

The Washington Post published today an article "A ready the search is on for a Royal Bride for Prince Charles."    The heir apparent is only seven-years-old, and is not yet aware that his interest will one day focus on a future bride -- "one who must be royal, or at least of the purest blue blood," if she is to become his Queen.

Some Britons are "beginning to show concern" over the "restricted romantic prospects" of the future Prince of Wales.  There was an "overtone of pathos" in one London newspaper discussing the limitations that Prince Charles faced.

Europe has only nine monarchies, and three of them "diminutive Luxembourg, dwarf-sized Liechtenstein, and Monaco -  will have to be discounted. So will Catholic Belgium."

Neither Norway nor Sweden will have marriageable Princesses at the time when Prince Charles will be ready to marry.   The daughters of King Paul of Greece are nearing adulthood.  This leaves Denmark and the Netherlands with seven princesses between them but only two are close in age

to Prince Charles.

Princess Christina of the Netherlands, known as Marijke, is the youngest of Queen Juliana's four daughters.  She is nine.  This "pretty and decidedly democratic little girl was born blind," but now, after many operations, she has vision in her right now.   She receives no pampering or special privileges for her handicap.

There seems to be a "basis of fact to current rumors" that Queen Juliana and the Duchess of Kent are trying to "make match" between Princess Beatrix, 18, the heir to the Dutch throne, and the Duke of Kent.  Young Marijke may gain a "preferred position as a potential bride for Prince Charles."

Marijke's "most important rival" is Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark, third daughter of King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid.  At her birth, he was reported to have said "Now I have a chance of being the father-in-law of Europe."

There are also a "baker's dozen: of "little patricians," daughters of Dukes, Marquesses, and earls, who "might be permitted "to share the throne should the grown-up Prince Charles find that she was his heart's desire."


The Blessed Virgin said...

Princess Grace of Monaco wanted to pair up her daughter, Princess Caroline with Prince Charles. Though religion would have been the main concern.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Total bunk. Totally false. Grace never considered her daughter as a possible bride for Charles or for Ernst August of Hanover. Grace was a devout Roman Catholic. Charles could not marry a Roman Catholic without losing right to throne. Moreover, consider the social situation - no real opportunity to meet. Charles moved in a very countryside, aristocratic circle. Caroline did not