Tuesday, May 24, 2016

More problems for the Duke of Castro.

This letter is in Italian. The writer of this letter is Claudio Limontini, former Grand Treasurer of the Constantinian Order, headed by the Duke of Castrol. He discusses why he resigned due to serious financial irregularities that he discovered during his tenure in his former position. He also returned the Collar from the Order. He expressed his unhappiness with how some of the Order's funds were being used. The funds were supposed to be used for the sick and the poor. When he made known his concerns, he was relieved of his position. In this letter, he also agrees with comments recently made by Princess Tana of Windsich-Graetz and her husband, Prince Augusto Ruffi di Calabria, who recently stepped down as Grand Prefect of the Order, headed by the Duke of Castro. Princess Tana (whose full name is Irma Christiane Leontine Maximiliane is the elder sister of Mariano Hugo, Prince of Windisch-Graetz, who is married to Archduchess Sophie of Austria. Her younger sister, Maximiliane is the wife of the Prince of Fürstenberg.

[On May 24, the Duke of Castro named his older sister, Princess Beatrice, as the Grand Prefect.  In 1978, Beatrice married Prince Charles Napoleon.  The couple were married in a civil ceremony, required by French law, eschewing a Roman Catholic wedding, which seems strange for two Roman Catholic families,  The couple had two children, Princess Caroline and Prince Jean-Christophe, who iss the present head of the House of Napoleon, before divorcing in 1989.  In other words, Beatrice has never married in the eyes of the Roman Catholic church, despite have two children who have been raised as Roman Catholics.]

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