Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Perhaps an engagement ....

I may be going out on a wiggly limb, but this is an interesting photo, which was taken yesterday at the Chelsea Flower Show. A good royal turnout - from the Queen to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as the Princess Royal and Princess Beatrice and Eugenie of York. In this Getty image, you can see Beatrice walking in the background as her younger sister, Eugenie, walks with her longtime main squeeze, Jack Brooksbank.   As Jack accompanied Princess Eugenie to an event that included other members of the Royal Family,  one wonders if an engagement announcement will soon be made.   Jack's family tree is filled with English and Scottish noble lines, and a few European noble and royal branches as well.  He is a descendant of Edward III through John of Gaunt and Katherine Roet, just for starters.

Jack Christoper Stamp Brooksbank is the eldest son of George Edward Hugh Brooksbank and Nicola Newton. Jack's paternal grandmother, Celia Dorothy Coke, was the granddaughter of the 2nd Earl of Leicester, whose wife, the Hon. Georgina Cavendish was the daughter of William Cavendish, 2nd Baron Chesham, and Henrietta Frances Lascelles, a daughter of the Rt Hon. William Saunders Sebright Lascelles, who was the third son of the 2nd Earl of Harewood, and who married the Lady Caroline Howard, the daughter of George Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle, and Lady Georgiana Cavendish, daughter of William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire and Lady Georgiana Spencer, who was the daughter of John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer and Margaret Georgiana Poyntz.

 The first Earl Spencer was the son of the Hon. John Spencer and Lady Georgiana Carteret, daughter of the Earl of Granville. John Spencer was the son of Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland, and his second wife, Lady Anne Churchill, daughter of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough. John had two sisters, and the youngest was the Lady Diana Spencer, who was once linked to Frederick, Prince of Wales (father of George III).

 The second Baron Chesham was the son of Charles Compton Cavendish and Lady Catherine Gordon, the daughter of George Gordon, 9th Earl of Huntly, and Catherine Cope. The 9th Earl's mother, Lady Margaret, was the daughter of Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Galloway and Lady Catherine Cochrane, daughter of the 4th Earl of Dundonald and Lady Anne Murray (daughter of 1st Earl of Dunmore, the son of John Murray, 1st Marquess of Athole and Lady Amelia Stanley, daughter of the 1st Earl of Derby and Charlotte de la Trémoille.) Charlotte de la Trémoille was the daughter of Claude de la Trémoille, Duke of Thouars, and Charlotte of Nassau-Dillenberg, daughter of Willem I, 1st Count of Nassau-Dillenberg, Count of Vianden, 2nd Prince of Orange and Princess Charlotte of Bourbon-Vendome Hmm a Bourbon connection, as Princess

Charlotte was the daughter of Louis II de Bourbon, Duke of Montpensier. The Stewart connection - through Lady Margaret Stewart - brings us to her father, Alexander Stewart, 6th of Galloway, who was the son of James Stewart, the 5th Earl of Galloway, and Lady Catherine Montgomerie, daughter of the 9th Earl of Eglington. The 4th earl of Galloway, James Stewart, was the son of Alexander, the 3rd Earl and Lady Mary Douglas, daughter of James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Queensberry, and Lady Margaret Stewart. The ancestors of these lines include the historic noble families of Scotland. Among Jack's ancestors is Lady Joan Beaufort, daughter of John de Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset, and Lady Margaret de Holand. Lady Joan was the granddaughter of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and his third wife, Katherine Roet. [John of Gaunt was a son of Edward III.] Jack also descends from Mary Stewart, Princess of Scotland, daughter of James II Stewart, King of Scotland and Marie van Egmont-Gelre.

The descent is through her second marriage to James Hamilton, 1st Lord Hamilton. Their son, James, 1st Earl of Arran, had a daughter, Margaret, by Beatrix Drummond. Margaret married Andrew Stewart, 1st Lord Stewart of Ochiltree. Andrew's son, Andrew, married Margaret Stewart, daughter of Henry Stewart, 2nd Lord Methven. Their daughter, Margaret married John Stewart of Traquair. They had one son, James, 1st Earl of Traquair, who married Lady Catherine Carnegie, daughter of 1st Earl of Southesk. Their daughter, Lady Margaret, married James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Queensberry, and their daughter,

Lady Mary Douglas married Alexander Stewart, 3rd Earl of Galloway. The descent from the earls of Galloway is through the 6th Earl and his wife, Lady Catherine Cochrane's second daughter Lady Margaret, who married Charles Gordon, 4th Earl of Aboyne. Their son was Charles Gordon, 9th Marquess of Huntly.

 Jack Brooksbank was born May 3, 1986.  He attended Stowe.   He met Princess Eugenie in early 2010 when he was working as a barman in a London restaurant.  He was introduced to her mother and older sister during a holiday in France that summer.   Jack told the Daily Mail in August 2010 that they met "through friends," most likely in Verbier, Switzerland.  Eugenie was in Switzerland celebrating her father's 50th birthday, and Jack was on vacation with several friends.

Jack's grandfather, Stamp Godfrey Brooksbank, was the third son of Lt. Col. Edward York Brooksbank, who was the son of Sir. Edward Clitherow Brooksbank, 1st Baronet.  This family descends from Stamp Brooksbank, MP for Colchester and Saltash, and was Governor of the Bank of England.  The Brooksbanks were a Yorkshire family, with an estate, Healaugh Manor, where the family lived until the first world war.

His father, George, is a chartered accountant and company director.

 By coincidence, Jack was born on the same day as Poppy Delevigne, a British model, with impeccable social connections. Her mother, Pandora, is the daughter of Sir Jocelyn Stevens and Jane Sheffield, who served as Princess Margaret's lady-in-waiting for 23 years. Jack's parents were married on February 26, 1985, at the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks.


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