Monday, May 9, 2016

Message from the Custodian of the Crown to mark the 10th of May

Today we celebrate together the 150th anniversary of Prince Carol I’s swearing of the oath of faith to our country. The same year, the Sovereign promulgated the constitution that defined our country as “a single indivisible state, named Romania.”
They were the hardest and most blessed years in our history. Never have we known such sacrifice and suffering, but never have we enjoyed so much development and freedom.
Over the course of one and a half centuries, the Crown has given Romanians confidence and pride; it has provided an example and enthusiasm, always showing the path forward. The Crown’s beneficial influence on society has increased from one generation to the next.
The country’s Kings and Queens have contributed to the creation of a modern Romania, to the construction of our civil society, politics, economy, educational system, and culture. They have served the interests of the nation with loyalty, love, and faith.
The Crown is a part of our national identity, and our King and country are today united in mutual trust and respect.
The best way of showing our love for His Majesty King Michael is to be patriotic, to demonstrate civic awareness, and to respect each other.
The Royal Family will always be united with the Romanian people and will continue to do what they have always done: to join with all their strength in building a dignified, stable and prosperous Romania.

So help us God!

Custodian of the Romanian Crown

The Elisabeta Palace, 9 May 2016

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