Friday, May 20, 2016

Amedeo and Elisabetta of Belgium leave hospital with newborn daughter.

Prince and Princess Amedeo of Belgium left the UMC Sint-Pieter hospital in Brussels earlier today with their two-day-old daughter, Anna Astrid.  Last November,  King Philippe issued a statement regarding the title Prince and Princess of Belgium, limiting the title to the children and grandchildren of the Sovereign and the Heir(ess) Apparent.

This means the grandchildren of Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent will not have a royal title.

Prince Amedeo is also an archduke of Austria as his father is Archduke Lorenz, but is styled in Belgium as HRH Prince Lorenz of Belgium, as he was created a Prince of Belgium by King Albert II on November 10, 1995.  

Astrid's children have the HRH and the title Prince or Princess of Belgium due to a decree on December 2, 1991.

Elisabetta, who is known as Lili, has not been created a Princess of Belgium in her own right.  Palace officials have never stated what her official title is, although the Palace's official announcement referred to Prince and Princess Amedeo of Belgium.

Anna Astrid will most likely be styled as HI & RH Archduchess Anna Astrid of Austria or perhaps  Anna Astrid de Belgique.   This also has not been announced.  While used socially and recognized among the European royal houses,  the archducal title has no legal status as Austria is a republic, and does not allow the use of titles, even as a part of one's surname.  She can also use the surname Habsburg-Lothringen.

Anna Astrid is the first grandchild for Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz, and the first great-grandchild for King Albert II and Queen Paola.

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