Friday, May 20, 2016

The Count of Paris on the succession

Prince Henri, Count of Paris, the Orléans pretender to the French throne, has given an exclusive interview to Point de Vue, telling them that at his death, he will be succeeded by his first born son, Prince Francois, Count of Clerment, who is 55-years-old.

Francois' mother, Duchess Marie Therese of Württemberg, suffered from toxoplasmosis during her pregnancy, which resulted in Prince Francois born with mental disabilities. This also happened during her pregnancy with Princess Blanche.

Prince Jean, Duke of Vendome,  51, will act as regent for his older brother.  He is already Prince Francois' legal guardian.

The Duke of Vendome's uncle, Prince Jacques, Duke of Orleans, and his elder son, Prince Charles Louis, Duke of Chartres will be the members of a regency council to assist the Duke of Vendome.

The Count of Paris will celebrate his 83rd birthday on June 14th.   He is largely estranged from his children, including the Duke of Vendome.

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The Blessed Virgin said...

This is a smart move by the Comte de Paris and with a regency in modern day pretendership, it will show that even the disabled are able to inherit the headship. I am glad several key members are in the regency, particularly the Duc d'Orleans and his eldest son, Duc de Chartre. Both are royalist and loyal to the heir and are quite down to earth gentlemans.