Thursday, January 9, 2014

Theresa von Einsiedel talks to Bunte

Theresa von Einsiedel has revealed further details about her engagement and upcoming wedding to Prince Francois d'Orléans in an interview with the German magazine, Bunte.

The proposal was made when the two were on vacation in Marbella.   "While mountain climbing in Marbella he asked me on the summit the question of questions, " said Miss von Einsiedel.   One important detail was left out, she admitted.  "He did not have a ring with him."

The wedding will take place in the summer.  Miss von Einsiedel, 29, will give up job with the "prestigious" PR firm, Schoeller & von Rehlinger in Munich as Theresa said: "life with him is more important than a career ... After the wedding, I'll move with Francois to France."

This is not an arranged marriage, but a real love match.  The couple met three years ago in Vienna through mutual friends, where Theresa was studying media education.

"At the moment, we converse in English.  I am going to learn French," the bride-to-be said.

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