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Prince Philip plans to live in Serbia

"Vecernje Novosti", 14 January 2014

Exclusive: Prince Philip Karageorgevitch reveals his life plans for "Novosti"

By Marko Lopusina

I will come to live in Serbia!

History obliges us Karageorgevitch to be with our people. I would like to get married, with a Serbian woman if possible

Young Princes Peter and Philip Karageorgevitch spent Christmas holidays with their family, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine at the Royal Palace in Belgrade. While Hereditary Prince Peter, heir to the Serbian Crown, came from London with his girlfriend, younger Prince Philip came alone this time. When we conveyed a wish of citizens of Serbia to young Princes that they should come to live to Serbia and to get married, Philip Karageorgevitch said sincerely that the first wish was realistic.

"I am certain I would come to Belgrade for good one day. I am still young and I need to get more professional experience, build a successful career and have a financial backup. There are many business possibilities here and for activities of our family," Prince Philip is quite sure.

 "History obliges us Karageorgevitch's to be with our people, and I would come back to Serbia for good for sure. Regarding my second wish of our people, I would like to get married, to a Serbian woman if possible."

Philip Karageorgevitch was born in the United States of America on 15 January 1982 to his parents Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans and Bragança. He grew up in London. He graduated from The King's School Canterbury in England, obtained a degree in humanistic science from a famous British University and participated in a programme at a Spanish University in Madrid. He speaks English, Spanish and French, and is continuing his Serbian studies. He says that 2013 was a turning point in his life.

 "I moved from Cyprus to London, where I got a job at a very respectful financial company. It was a historic year, when we as a family have fulfilled a legacy of King Peter and buried our ancestors at the Royal Mausoleum in Oplenac. It was very an emotional moment for me. I felt more than ever before at that moment that I belonged to the Serbian people and to Serbia, and I will come to Serbia much more often now that I have been living in London," says Prince Philip.

His elder brother Peter also lives in London, while his twin brother Alexander lives in Spain. They are very close and they are always in touch with each other. As Prince Philip says, his brothers are his best friends. Philip has very close relationships with cousins from the British Royal Family in London, and he has been ranked 95th in line to British Throne.

 "That list of heirs to the British Throne is very long one, and we Karageorgevitchs are moved one place below on that list. We have a wonderful relationships with the British Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth is the godmother of my father, and Prince Charles is my father's best friend. I meet with Princes William and Harry occasionally. They are extraordinary young people, very intelligent, interesting and communicative, Philip says. I know Prince William and Princess Kate, but we do not socialize. We have common friends, and I think they are also wonderful people."

 Prince Philip spent many hours during the Christmas holidays talking with his father Crown Prince Alexander about situation in Serbia.

"It is constant and important topic of our conversations. We spoke about the family as well, which is numerous and big, but also about our mutual interests for culture. Most often about movies, because we both love them. We have a similar taste. My father and I speak openly, as best friends", reveals Philip Karageorgevitch.

 The young Prince has very good relationships with his mother, Princess Maria da Gloria, who lives in Spain.

"I do not see my mother very often, maybe three times a year, but we are communicate all the time. I love to visit Seville, because I grew up there, and I have very good relationships with Spanish Royal Family. I have god relations with Brazilian Royal Family, and I have around twenty close relatives in Brazil. I would like to visit Brazil during the world football championships. I am fan of Arsenal and I would like that Nemanja Vidic moves to London. The second coach in Arsenal is a Serbian guy, so Nemanja would make my team stronger," says Prince Philip with a smile.

Slender and always wearing a smile, young Serbian Prince is an attractive fellow. He is into sports. He likes skateboarding, diving, and simply loves Kopaonik. He is interested in painting, music, computers and natural sciences. Prince Philip was named one of 10 most attractive young Princes in the world last year in the United Kingdom.

 "I was pleased with that title, but truly, it is not that important to me. It is important that my brothers and I improve our reputation with Serbian people, which is not so good, all around the world by what we do. It is a fact that just few people make decisions about the reputation of a country and their people, so millions of people do not know much about Serbia, and cannot see the good things. I meet many successful, prominent, warm and wonderful Serbs all around the world, like Novak Djokovic, who create a good image for Serbia in the world. I do my best to contribute to that," says Philip Karageorgevitch.

Before he left for London because of professional obligations, young Prince complained to us that he would not have enough time due to business obligations to organize a ball for his birthday on January 15. He will celebrate his 31st birthday with friends having a drink. When we asked about his plans for 2014, Prince Philip frankly said: "I do not have concrete plans, because of lot of professional obligations, and I do not like to plan much in advance. I know for sure I will be with my family in Serbia for the marking of centennial anniversary of the beginning of WWI."

Belgrade is much like London

"My social life is very interesting, because I grew up in London, a big and beautiful city. London has vibes and a good atmosphere, and that is much like the ones in Belgrade, where I always have a very good time."

Enjoying art

Philip Karageorgevitch reveals that he has no intentions to be a banker.

"I work as human resources professional in finance. In my own time I am very much interested in arts, I read a lot and visit most famous world museums", says Philip. "Belgrade museum is very interesting, and our Royal art collection is exceptional. But I think that Spanish Prada is the best museum in the world"

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