Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Michael to seek funds

January 7, 1948

Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma has postponed her visit to Lausanne because her fiancé, King Michael is concerned "with matters affecting is country," a source close to the king told United Press.

Michael's aide's made several telephone calls to Bucharest today to Dr, Ion Poescu,  Michael's representative, who is "negotiating with the Communist dominated government" on behalf of the former king. 

The king is seeking "the millions the royal family were forced to leave behind.:

The young king, looking "pale and drawn," took a quick drive in Lausanne, accompanied by a Swiss bodyguard.  He seemed oblivious to "anything around him."

Princess Anne and her mother were reported to have made reservations earlier today for the Nord Express to Basel, Switzerland.  They will leave Copenhagen on Friday, and arrive in Switzerland sometime Saturday.

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