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Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria's marriage: an update

January 6, 1894

There appears to be an "astonishing story" behind the "romantic marriage" of Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria, granddaughter of Emperor Franz Josef, and Lieut. von Seefried, reports the New York Times.

It has already been reported that the Princess' family consented to the marriage only after the Princess had made a successful appeal to her imperial grandfather.

The newspaper of the Catholic clergy and the Center Party in Berlin has published a statement that consent was granted by the princess' parents and the Emperor only after she had "compromised her reputation by eloping with her lover and remaining with him for several weeks without the sanctification of the ecclesiastical marriage."

The Germania newspaper has since published a correction stating that the church marriage will probably take place after the elopement ends.

It is understood the young couple was married in Genoa, Italy, last November.

Princess Elisabeth was supposed to be "the destined bride" of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir presumptive to the Austrian throne but she was determined to marry Otto.

A marriage has "undoubtedly taken place," in an "exceeding private" town or village in Bavaria.

Baron von Seefried has been released from the Bavarian army and was recently appointed a Lieutenant in the Austrian army.  Although he has been "gazette to the lowest subaltern rank," he has been sent to join a Sicilian regiment "garrisoned in a remote part of the country," it is not be assumed that "he is in serious disgrace."

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