Friday, January 31, 2014

Laurent & Claire of Belgium: Is their marriage over?

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A "very sad" Prince Laurent of Belgium commented today on the absence of his wife, Princess Claire.  The princess has not been seen in public for more than seven weeks.

Prince Laurent was asked if Princess Claire was ill.  He said: "She is not joining  me."

Only two weeks ago, on the occasion of Princess Claire's 40th birthday, Prince Laurent spoke publicly about how much he loves her,  the wonderful children they have together, and  "every day is a blessing to live and share with her."

Prince Laurent made his comments while visiting an art exhibit.  Princess Claire was last seen in public on December 11 at a Christmas concert at the Royal Palace.

Two weeks later, it appears that the love may have cooled.  It is obvious that Prince Laurent is suffering emotional stress. 

Prince Laurent married the British-born Claire Coombs in 2003.  They have three children:  Princess Louise, 9, and eight-year-old twins, Prince Nicolas and Prince Aymeric.
Marlene A Eilers Koenig Collection

The Palace has not commented on the rumors of a separation between Prince Laurent and Princess Claire.

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