Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More scandal for the Duke of Orléans

January 15, 1904

The Duke of Orléans was considering seeking a divorce, according to the Allgemeine Zeitung, a Viennese newspaper, and had "petitioned the Curia for a dispensation" to allow him to marry the "daughter of a great Austrian noble."

In his petition, the Duke urged a nullification of his marriage "on the ground that he was forced into the union."  He married Archduchess Marie Dorothea of Austria in 1898.

This claim has caused "a great sensation in court circles," and the Duke, pretender to the French throne," was "severely condemned" for his remarks.

The Duke wanted to divorce his wife, but Austrian emperor Franz Josef  personally intervened, and the "differences of the couple were adjusted."  The Duke withdrew his petition to the Curia.

The woman whom the Duke of Orléans wished to marry is said to be Princess Clémentine, daughter of Princess Pauline of Metternich-Sandor.

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