Saturday, January 11, 2014

Princess Madeleine to give birth in USA

The Marshal of the Realm  announced today that Princess Madeleine has chosen to give birth in New York City.

Princess Madeleine, the youngest of three children of King Carl XVI Gustaf, married Anglo-American Chris O'Neill last June.  The baby is due in late February.


Michelle said...

please correct me if i'm wrong, but from my understanding, it is a legal requirement in Sweden for a prince(ss) to be raised in "the Realm," meaning Sweden. if the Swedes grant the princely title in a way similar to the Brits, passing through the male line only (except for Victoria obviously, as she's the heir apparent) that would mean Madeleine's baby isn't technically covered. now that in Sweden the crown passes to eldest child regardless of gender, do they also allow children such as those born to Madeleine to have princely titles? or just those either in direct succession or born to men?

if this applied to Madeleine's child, from what i understand there's no requirement for birth in Sweden. that said, if she wants her child to remain eligible for succession, would she need to have said child raised in Sweden, regardless of title? or is it literally only those with the prince(ss) title? now that Victoria has a child the chances of Madeleine or any of her children inheriting are slim; if Madeleine was next after Victoria & her children i would say she should take care to preserve her own children's rights. however, given that even if some tragedy took out Victoria's family there is still another heir (Carl Philip) and any children he produces who would inherit before her or her children, she may choose to put her own personal preferences & those of her husband ahead of any legal requirements for succession. besides, if some tragedy killed Victoria, Estelle, any other children Victoria & Daniel have, AND Carl Philip & any children HE has, i'd say the Swedes would probably make legal adjustments to allow for Madeleine & her children to inherit the crown because there wouldn't be much option.

do you know if my understanding of the succession laws in Sweden are correct?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Michelle, Sweden has gender equality for succession. The kids of Carl Philip and Madeleine will also so be royal under normal circumstances. I think we should wait until the baby arrives, and what the palace announces.