Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Auguste Viktoria still recovering

January 15, 1898

Due to Empress Auguste Viktoria's "slow recovery" from ill health,  the program for the "season's Court festivities has not been drawn up." 

The great Court, usually held in mid-January, in the Hall of Knights in the Berlin Schloss, "has been abandoned," reports the New York Times.

The Empress has been "forbidden all exertion by her doctors, and it is hope that she will be "strong enough" to attend the Emperor's birthday celebration on January 27.  Several balls and receptions will be held, ending with the Mardi Gras ball on February 22.

The King of Saxony, and two Saxon princes, the King of Württemberg, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine and the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Baden, are among the expected guests for Wilhelm II's birthday fetes.

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