Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Queen Elena celebrates birthday with a picnic

January 8, 1904

Queen Elena celebrated her 31st birthday today with a picnic, reports the New York Times.

The King and Queen of Italy are becoming "more popular" due to their "simple democratic ways, which touch the imagination of the people."

It was a bright and spring like day in Rome, and the king and queen decided to celebrate her birthday "in the manner of middle-class families" by taking a drive into the country and having a picnic.

The picnic lunch included "macaroni, roast chicken, a few spiced meats, bread, fruit and a couple of bottles of wine. 

Accompanied by several friends, the king and queen drove about ten miles into the country, and then pulled over by the roadside. 

After climbing over a fence,  the king and queen found a comfortable spot on the grass, and had their picnic.  After returning to Rome, the king said he "never before had such an appetite."

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