Sunday, October 24, 2010

Duchess Beatrix of Oldenburg weds

Another royal wedding this weekend.  Duchess Beatrix von Oldenburg, 39, elder daughter of Duke Huno and Duchess Fenita von Oldenburg married Chilean born Sven von Storch.
The civil ceremony took place on Friday at Eutin.  The ecumenical wedding - the bride is Lutheran and the groom Catholic  -- was held yesterday in the Schlosskirche at Eutin.  The couple had met while skiing, and have been a couple for several years.

The bride is a lawyer, based in Berlin, and her new husband, Sven, has a degree in Business Administration.  He was born in Chile in 1970, and works as a consultant for strategic communications.
The von Storch family emigrated to Chile in 1945 after their property in Mecklenburg had been expropriated.   It was a bitter loss for Sven's grandfather, who had been anti-Nazi.   After 1990, Sven's brother, Thomas, was able to purchase the property back.  Thomas died in 2004
Sven von Storch's father, Bernd-Detlev, was a farmer in Chile, where he met his wife, Antje Krüger, who was also originally from Germany.
The bride, wearing a cream-colored wedding gown and a long lace veil, was driven to the church in a dark sedan.  She was escorted by her father. The groom was escorted by his mother, Antje.  He is the youngest of four sons.  Von Storch was born in Osomo, Chile.  He was educated there and in Brunswick before attending university in Santiago, Greifwald and Göttingen.
The reception was held in the south wing of the castle.
Sven von Storch is also the chairman of the Allianz für den Rechtsstaat e.V.,  an association that is involved in trying to restore compensation to those who lost property in East Germany between 1945 and 1949.
The groom's older brother, Klaus, is a Chilean aerospace engineer, and trained as an astronaut with NASA.

The couple's website:

Photo credit:  Lübecker Nachrichten.

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