Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Duke of Guise claims throne

April 6, 1926

Prince Jean, the Duke of Guise "has assumed his role and its burdens as head of the royal house of France and claimant to the throne," according to a special cable to the New York Times. Since the death of the Duke of Orléans, republicans and royalists in France have wondered if the Duke of Guise, who has "lived all his life as a gentleman farmer, taking no interest in politics," would renounce his right to the French throne.
Today, the Duke of Guise gave his answer in a latter, which was published in the media: "as head of the house of France by the death of Mgr. the Duke of Orléans, I lay claim to all his rights, I assume all responsibilities and I accept all the duties of that position.
"Now, in my turn, exiled with my son, I ask all those who by their devotion made pleasanter the forty years of exile of the late Duke to give us their fidelity and their attachment.
"I count on the discipline of every one to reach the aim of every Frenchman -- the grandeur and prosperity of our dear country. JEAN."
Now that the Duke of Guise has accepted his role, he will incur "the automatic application to himself and to his son the law of banishment of 1886

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