Friday, April 9, 2010

Bismarck gives up opposition to Battenberg marriage

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April 9, 1888

it is being reported today in Germany that Prince Bismarck "has abandoned his opposition" to the marriage between Princess Victoria and Prince Alexander of Battenberg. He has "gained other concessions," and "all the differences between the Emperor and Prince Bismarck are now settled," according to the New York Times.

The political crisis will probably become "acute again," as Empress Victoria is determined to "prevail," even if Bismarck "has to resign."

Emperor Friedrich III decorated Dr. Mackenzie today. He said to the British doctor: "When you came the first time I confided in you as you were recommended by my German physicians. I have since had occasion in my own experience to value your capability. I am glad to know of your merits and in memory of my accession to the throne."

Empress Victoria and her three youngest daughters, Princesses Victoria, Sophie, and Margarete, started for Posen this morning to meet with victims of the recent floods there. They arrived in Posen this afternoon, and the Empress was "everywhere greeted with enthusiasm," Polish leaders issued a manifesto to Posen's residents to "sink their national disputes and unite in welcoming the Empress."

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