Thursday, May 16, 2019

Will Martha Louise give up her title?

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Princess Martha Louise of Norway has gone on the defensive about the use of her title when promoting her spiritual business.

The newspaper, Fædrelandsvennen, in Kristiansand, wrote  “Märtha Louise is actively using her ‘princess’ title to promote the sale of tickets. That’s indefensible.” The paper went on to editorialize that “Märtha Louise has been urged to give up her title several times. She should follow that advice, both  out of consideration to herself and the royal family.”

The conflicts and questions over the use of her title were first raised in 2001 when she renounced her HRH to start her "alternative healing programs."  This was followed her Angels' school, which was not a financial success.

In a television interview, the Princess said she had not discussed her current business venture, a lecture series, entitled The Princess and the Shaman, with her parents, King Harald V and Queen Sonja, but acknowledged that she had discussed previous ventures with her parents. She would not discuss what their responses were to earlier business plans.

The Royal Palace has not made any official comments to the press regarding the growing media storm swirling around the Princess and Shaman Durek Vetter, apart from denying "Verrett's claims that he'd  initially been restricted by the palace in what he could say."

Not long after his arrival in Oslo,  Verrett told a television reporter: "Martha's parents, they love me, and I love them. And they are wonderful, and such good souls, and I think that's what it's all about, good souls."

When Verrett made the statement,  he had not yet met  Martha's parents.

Earlier today, the Palace's Communication director Guri Varpe responded to questions from Aftenposten, which is Norway's largest newspaper, concerning the princess' use of her title for commercial purposes. " We will keep an eye on the debate and what is pronounced, and will be in dialogue with the princess associated with the marketing of her business."

Varpe added that the reason for the princess' decision to relinquish the style of royal highness was to "create a greater distance to the royal family's official business."

"This decision facilitated the princess's ability to enter the labor market and run her own business. As a result of the decision, the princess has not received an appanage from 2002, and to a much lesser extent than previously assumed official tasks on behalf of the Royal House. She decides on the princess's business activities herself."

The loss of the style of royal highness was made on February 1, 2002 in a royal edict from King Harald.

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Lisa said...

Shaman Durek sounds pretentious. To say the King and Queen love him when at the time they had not even met him.

I wonder if these two are headed down the aisle? They certainly sound in love and now Durek has been introduced to the King and Queen. Surely they wouldn't have been introduced if it wasn't serious.. Hmmm....

Bill said...

Maybe she could be like the singer Prince and be known as formerly Princess Martha Louise. She has pursued "alternate" life styles for a while.