Thursday, May 16, 2019

Martha and Durek talk about their love

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Princess Martha Louise and Shaman Durek talked about their love on God Morgen Norge (Good Morning Norway.)

The interview was done in English so just click on the link in the article.

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 Durek  has met the King and Queen.  He told the hosts that "it was the most amazing experience in his life."

Neither the Princess nor the Shaman would elaborate further on the meeting or what the king and queen said.

I thought it telling, however, that the Princess kept referring to her family as "that family."

She was asked about using her title for commercial purposes.

"I'm a princess, and I'm born into this family. I have chosen this lifestyle and it is my way of making money. Others who do similar things get money for it, and so do I."

The Princess has not received an appanage since 2002.  She relinquished the style of Royal Highness shortly before her marriage to Ari Behn.

The Sacramento-born Derek Verrett told the interviewers that he does not live in California.  He has been living in Turkey and in London.


Laura said...

Something feels very off about this whole thing.

Bill said...

interesting couple.

BlueSaphire70 said...

Well, Princess Martha Louise is quite the iconoclast. She has never been conservative in her views. For instance, when she was younger she claimed that she could communicate with animals and angels. Her choice of husband raised a few eyebrows in its day also, but compared to her current choice, her former husband seems quite traditional! Mr. Durek is a shaman and a spiritual leader from California who is said to be bisexual. Some outlets have reported he claims to cure cancer as well. Can you get further from traditional than that? I don't know if everything that has been said about Mr. Durek is true, but at the very least traditional he is not. But then, she has never been very conventional. I just hope he's sincere and not just taking advantage of her.