Monday, January 31, 2011

Ludwig & Philippa set the date

Prince Ludwig zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Countess Philippa Spannochi have the set the date.  Their religious wedding will take place on August 20.


Michelle said...

hey, this isn't about this particular post but i've got a question for you.

any idea when the Danish Crown Prince couple will be Christening their twins? when Princess Isabella was born, they announced the date of her Christening very quickly, i want to say it wasn't much longer than a week. Mary & Frederik's little prince & princess are 3 weeks old and as far as i know, no date has been announced.

also, what do you think they will do about what the twins will wear? i know they have a traditional gown, but there are 2 babies... is there any precedent for this in any other royal house? what do you think they will do?

mostly i just can't wait to hear their names! the little Prince Henrik was Christened on my birthday, so i was busy that day, but i was constantly checking online to learn the names... not sure why this fascinates me, but it does! :-P any thoughts on what Prince Christian & Princess Isabella's brother & sister will be named? because Danish kings are named Frederik or Christian, is it likely that the new prince will be Frederik after his father & keeping with the tradition even though Christian is the heir after his father?

and one more question (SORRY this is SO long!): did the Danish government officially change their laws so that Princess Isabella is still after Prince Christian in the line of succession for the Danish throne? or is her baby brother ahead of her now? i know they were considering making the law that it goes by birth order regardless of gender but i wasn't sure if they'd actually passed that yet or not. i know that all 4 children are in line to the British throne (waaaaaaay down the list) and Princess Isabella is now behind her younger brother in that line of succession, but i'm curious as to whether or not she continues to be 3rd in line or if she's been bumped to 4th!

sorry this got so long... so many questions, and you're the only person i really know to ask!

have a great day :-)

- michelle

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I do not think the baby will be called Frederik, as that name is saved for Christian's first son. No idea when the christening will take place - and one assumes that a second baptismal gown will need to be made.

Yes, the Danish succession law was changed several years, passed by 2 governments and then a referendum to the people.
The christening will be announced on the Danish royals' website