Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crown Prince arrives in London

January 26, 1919

By special cable from Vienna via Geneva to the New York Times.

The rumors about the Emperor Karl of Austria's "mind being obscured are exaggerated."  The facts concerning the former Austrian emperor are as follows.
He is "living in absolute seclusion with his wife, Zita and their children.  There are no contacts with other members of the Habsburg dynasty or with the "political world."  Karl has received no visitors apart from "business calls."   His only pastime at present is reading the newspapers and spending time with his children.
Karl is sad to be in "bad health and depressed," but the former Empress Zita is "quite resigned and holding up her head in adversity."   At this time, she has been unable to communicate with her mother, the Duchess of Parma.
The emperor's mother, Archduchess Maria Josefa, whose palace was seized by the Austrian government, is "compelled to accept" her son's offer of hospitality at Schloss Eckarsau, as she has "no other means of support."

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