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Bulgarian Premier appeals to Lloyd George to find bride for Boris

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July 14, 1922

 Bulgarian Premier Alexander Stamboulisky is believed to have asked British Prime Minister David Lloyd George to help find a suitable British bride for King Boris, reports the Associated Press.   Stamboulisky has given up hope trying to find a wealthy American wife for the unmarried Bulgarian sovereign.

When asked about this report, the British Prime Minister "replied humorously" that he had not yet been able to find a wife for the Prince of Wales.  Boris will have to wait, he said, as "the supply of royal princesses and other titled ladies in Europe seemed to be depleted."

The AP corresponded posed the question to King Boris about his "desire to marry."  He laughed: "f you believe what some of our neighbors say, my throne is rather insecure and might not support two."

The King also responded to his premier's suggestion that he marry an American woman.  "Well, not this year, nor next; I'm too busy rebuilding my country and must deny myself domestic happiness, but I have great admiration for American women, and I am sure they make excellent wives."

In response to the question "Would you prefer a pretty woman rather than a practical one?   The 28-year-old king offered a diplomatic response:  "Well, all American girls are pretty, are they not?"

Earlier this year, Italian officials denied reports that the king was about to announce his engagement to Princess Jolanda, the eldest daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele III.


Christina O. said...

Marlene, Do you know if Boris ever married? I tried to find info on line but could only find reports about Aleksandar Shamboliyski who was killed in 1923.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Yes, he did marry in 1930 Princess Giovanna of Italy, the eldest daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy and Princess Elena of Montenegro. They had 2 children, Princess Marie Louise (who is a friend of mine) and King Simeon (who now lives in Bulgaria) Simeon recently wrote his memoirs. I have several posts on this ... just use the search box and type Princess Giovanna

Christina O. said...

Thank you, Marlene. You depth of knowledge of royals and history and your personal friendships with royals is astounding!