Friday, July 15, 2022

Prince Luiz of Orleans-Braganca is dead

"We fulfill the painful duty to communicate the passing of His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Dom Luiz de Orleans e Bragança, Head of the Imperial House of Brazil, who, today, July 15, 2022, in the city of São Paulo, at the age of 84, comfort ado with the Sacraments from the Holy Church and the Apostolic Blessing, God Our Lord had to call you well.

The deceased was the firstborn of Prince Dom Pedro Henrique of Orleans and Bragança, Head of the Imperial House of Brazil from 1921, and Princess Dona Maria of Bavaria, having been born in Exile, on June 6, 1938, in Mandelieu-la-Napoule (France). By the death of his Father, on July 5, 1981, he succeeded in the Chief of the Imperial House, as the legitimate dynastic successor to the Emperors Dom Peter I and Dom Peter II and Princess Dona Isabel.

Information regarding the funeral will be provided in due course.

The late Dom Luiz is succeeded as Head of the Imperial House of Brazil, by his brother, Prince Dom Bertrand of Orleans and Bragança, to whom we all pray in suffering for the soul of the late Dom Luiz."

Pro Monarchy / Secretariat of the Imperial House of Brazil

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 Prince Luiz never married.  The new head of the house is his 81-year-old brother,  Prince Bertrand, who is also unmarried.  The new heir apparent is their younger brother, Prince Antonio, 72, who is married to Princess Christine de Ligne, who is the daughter of the late Princess Alix of Luxembourg.

Update:  The funeral will take place in Sao Paulo on July 18.

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsanaro, issued a decree for mourning.


Art. 1 Official mourning is declared throughout the country, for a period of one day, counted from the date of publication of this Decree, as a sign of sorrow for the death of Dom Luiz Gastão Maria José Pio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Orleans e Bragança, Head of the Imperial House of Brazil.

Art. 2 This Decree enters into force on the date of its publication.

Brasilia, 15 July 2022; 201st of Independence and 134th of the Republic.

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