Thursday, July 21, 2022

Day 14 June 13 Garter Day

Garter Day.  Up early to catch a train to Windsor.  Walked to Blackhorse Road for the Victoria Line changing to Bakerloo at Oxford Circus to Paddington Station.   Windsor has two stations: Windsor and Eton Central and Windsor and Eton Riverside.  I take the former because the station is across the street from the Castle, even though it is not a direct train.  You change in Slough for a train that travels between Slough and Windsor with no other stops ... and a great view of the Castle as you approach Windsor.

My friend, Katrina Warne, was coming from her home with two friends as they were standing in another area.  I stopped in one of the cafes in the Windsor Royal Station, the shopping area by the station to get breakfast and then settled down on a park bench in front of the castle, where we agreed to meet. 

I had a yummy fruit-filled pancake and a large coffee.  Before getting on the train, I stopped at M&S in Paddington Station to buy some food for lunch while sitting on the grass in section 10.

After Katrina and her friends arrived, we walked up Castle Hill to get in line.  This would be a several-hour wait until 12:30 when we begin to enter the security area for bag checks and then led -- no running to our sections.  

Section 10 is the largest are primarily reserved for the lucky recipients in the lottery  -- like me.   It is next to the press pen and across from the Galilee Porch.  I tried to get as close to seeing all Galilee porch arrivals but had to make do with being a little to the right.  I do not have many good shots of the Duchess of Cambridge.  Katrina is in another area on the other side, closer to where the procession turns into the St. George's Chapel courtyard. 

I do not have a chair or a blanket so plop down on the grass.  Much to my surprise and delight, I am sitting near Ken Stone and the noted royal photographer Mark Stewart.  We did a selfie, which you will see while scrolling through the photos

Windsor Castle Looks lovely on a sunny day

Mark Stewart and I.  So honored to meet him

The Duchess of Cornwall's son, Tom Parker Bowles, and most likely his daughter, Lola, and niece, Eliza Lopes.

The Duchess of Cornwall's daughter, Laura, and her husband, Harry Lopes

The Queen is in residence.  She attended the pre-ceremony luncheon but did not attend the Garter service in St. George's Chapel

Zenouska Mowatt, Princess Alexandra's granddaughter. Male friend unidentified 


Laura Lopes and one of her sons, Gus or Louis

The Duchess of Cornwall's family

the Duchess of Cornwall's family waiting for the procession to start.  They were direct across from me

Cherie Blair

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Countess of Wessex arrive at the Galilee Porch

The Duchess of Gloucester and Sir Timothy Laurence arrive right after Sophie and Catherine

Sir Alistair Bruce on the right, a herald (Fitzalan Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary 

Baroness Amos and Sir Tony Blair, the 2 newest members of the Most Noble Order of the Garter

The Princess Royal. Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Cambridge

The Duke of Cambridge and the Earl of Wessex

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. She looked at her family, understandably, and did not look at our side

The Duchess sees her son and daughter, and her sister, Annabel Eliot

Annabel Elliot

The Duke of Kent and his sister, Princess Alexandria

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major and Lady Major

the acclaimed biographer Hugo Vickers

Outside the Windsor Castle shop that was open

Katrina and her friends and I agreed to meet at the Castle Hotel where Ilana Miller was staying for the next few days.  Turns out ITV Royal correspondent Chris Ship and his producer were also there, getting ready for their next report.  

I said hi ... he paid me a nice compliment about my royal expertise.  I said thank you.

the Little Crooked House, one a lovely tea shop, then a jewelry shop, and now closed and for sale

Ilana, Katrina, and I walked to The King and Castle Pub where we met Katrina's friends, Val, and her husband.  They had been in another section for the procession and had gone inside the Chapel after it was over.  We sat outside and took turns ordering our meals from the bar and giving our table number.  We sat and chatted for a few hours before it was time to head our separate ways.  Ilana was heading back to the hotel and Katrina and her friends to their cars.  Val and her husband were returning to their home in Wales.  I took the train back to Paddington.

The Paddington Statue has been moved again in the train station.   He is such a superstar

Just one more day left before my wonderful vacation comes to an end.   June 14 will have royals and ducks!!!


Andrew said...

Nice to see Dame Norma Major after so long. Wonderful photographs, you were very busy.

Victorianna said...

Marlene--What an exciting day you had with all your friends! Thanks for all the wonderful photos.

Christina O. said...

Marlene, Did the family guests, who were photographed across from your section, go inside with the Garter members after the processional and attend the service?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

After the procession passes the Galilee Porch, those guests are shown to their seats as the procession enters the church via the front stairs. The guests also come out from the Galilee porch to watch the carriages go back to the castle .. the royals walk down, ride in a carriage back

Christina O. said...

Thank you, Marlene, for the explanation. I always wondered if it was a private ceremony inside, or not.

Trickymum said...

Very late to this party - can't think why I didn't see it sooner. Wonderful photos of what must have been a lovely day. You were lucky with the weather!
Thanks for posting.