Sunday, July 31, 2022

Duke Eugen Eberhard of Württemberg (1930-2022)

 HRH Duke Eugen Eberhard Albrecht Maria Joseph Ivan Rilsky Robert Ulrich Philipp Odo Carl Hubert of Württemberg was born on November 2, 1930 in Carlsruhe, Upper Silesia (now Pokój, Poland), the third of five children of HRH Duke Albrecht Eugen Maria Philipp Carl Joseph Fortunatus of Württemberg (1895-1954) and HRH Princess Nadezhda Klementine Maria Pia Majella of Bulgaria (1899-1958).

Duke Albrecht was the second son of Albrecht Maria Alexander Philipp Joseph, Duke of Württemberg and Archduchess Margarete Sophie Marie Annunciata Theresia Caroline Luise Josephe Johanna of Austria.   Princess Nadezhda was King Ferdinand of Bulgaria's fourth and youngest child and his first wife, Princess Marie Louise of Bourbon-Parma.  Marie Louise died the day after giving birth to her daughter.

Duke Eugen Eberhard married Archduchess Alexandra of Austria in Mondsee, Austria, on September 2, 1962.  Alexandra is the daughter of Archduke Anton of Austria and Princess Ileana of Romania.  This marriage ended in divorce in 1972 and was annulled a year later.  

The couple had no children.  Duke Eugen Eberhard never remarried.

He is survived by his brother, Duke Alexander, and sister, Duchess Sophie of Württemberg, his nephew Patrick de La Lanne-Mirrlees, and his family.  Mr. de La Lanne-Mirrlees is the natural son of Duke Eugen's late sister, Duchess Margarete and  Robin de La Lanne-Mirrlees.  

Duke Eugen Eberhard's surviving first cousins include King Simeon of Bulgaria and Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria.  Another first cousin, Carl. Duke of Württemberg died on June 7, 2022.

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