Monday, July 18, 2022

Day 12 June 11 Bling & Sparkle Day

My final Saturday in London was spent with several friends, including Katrina Warne. Coryne Hall and Ilana Miller. It was a definite royal day starting with a visit to Kensington Palace to see the Jubilee photo exhibit and, of course, the now abbreviated Queen Victoria exhibit.  It was also time to see and hug another friend, Clair, who works at KP. She gave us insight into future exhibitions, but the pandemic has delayed everything.

The two Fife tiaras were on display, always a joy to see.

We decided to have a bite to eat -- we will choose sweets.  Victoria Sponge cake for me with Victorian lemonade and a bottle of water to take with me.  

Fife Tiara

Fife fringe tiara in the KP Jewel room



The next stop was New Bond Street to Sotheby's to see Power & Image: Royal & Aristocratic tiaras.

The owners of the tiaras were not identified, although several tiaras, including the Spencer tiara, were identified.   I had to use my IPad to take pictures.   This was a massive exhibit, truly sparkly and wonderful.

THE Derby Tiara

Here is Victoria's emerald tiara, temporarily off display at Kensington Palace

Spencer tiara

Yes, this is the Kent Fringe tiara.  There were reports that the tiara is being sold, but this was denied by the Duke of Kent's office

This tiara was once owned by Crown Prince Cecilie of Prussia and was sold last year by one of her descendants.

This was my favorite.  Sotheby's would not let me take it home

The Court Jeweller is the best source for informative and fact-based articles on royal jewels.

The exhibit closed on June 28th.  

Ilana, Katrina, and I walked down Bruton Street. looking for #17, where the then Duchess of York gave birth to her first daughter.  The house, which was owned by the Duchess' father, the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne was torn down before May 1938.  

After taking several photos we walked to Half Moon Street off Piccadilly to Fleming's Hotel where Ilana was staying.  It was too early to head to Leicester Square for dinner.  I had visited Fleming's earlier in the week where another friend had left a package for me.  

It was a good time for the three of us to catch up and chat and give our feet a rest!   Katrina had made a reservation for dinner at Bella Italia in Leicester Square.  We were joined by Alexander Borg and Coryne Hall and her husband, Colin.   A nice evening out.   Plenty of hugs.  It would not be the last time I would see Katrina and Ilana on this trip, however.

Colin & Coryne Hall. me. Katrina Warne.  In the back:  Alexander Borg and Ilana Miller

As it was still early, I decided to take the Tube to Westminster and walk across the bridge.  It was a lovely warm night and I knew the light would be excellent for photos.

Tube advert

I walked across Westminster Bridge to see Parliament and Big Ben scaffolding 

Across the Thames from Parliament is the National Covid Memorial Wall.  Very moving.  I bowed my head and prayed for all who have lost family and friends to this insidious virus.

I walked back across the Westminster Bridge to the Tube station: the Circle line to Liverpool Street and the Overground to St. James's Street.  I was walking down Coppermill Lane when I spotted this guy sitting on the sidewalk.  His eyes are reflecting the flash that I used.  

It was trash night in Walthamstow and the fox was looking for dinner.  

Dear Fox,  the Wetlands are just down the street.  I am sure you will find a few fat and juicy Canada Geese that will taste better than trashed leftovers!


Christina O. said...

Oh, Marlene - I wish your travel diary would never end! Your telling, with photographs, is so enjoyable to read and your knowledge of the city and surrounding environs is unbelievable. Would you consider taking a tour group with you when/if a coronation takes place? Sign me up if you do!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Thank you. Not sure I would go for the coronation as I want to watch it! I am already 68

Christina O. said...

Marlene, I bet you could get an invitation with a reserved seat inside for the coronation! Don't sell yourself short. But, I understand about watching from the comfort of your own home and getting to see up close without travelling a mile. I was able to watch a lot of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on network television, I just had to bear with the commentators.