Thursday, September 22, 2016

A DNA Test coming for Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills

The His and Hers stories are now emerging in the Romanian press.   According to a statement released today to the media (via Facebook), Nicholas de Romanie Medforth-Mills recently received a letter from Nicoleta Cirjan.  In this letter, Nicoleta claims that Nicholas, the son of Princess Helen of Romania,  is the father of her daughter, Iris Anna, who was born at Bucharest on February 9, 2015,  nine months after Nicoleta  allegedly had a one night stand with Nicholas.

Through his lawyer, Radu Enache, Nicholas responded that he is willing to take a DNA test at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine ("Mina Minovici") in Bucharest.  He responded to her letter on September 3.

The Institute is the only source for DNA testing in Romania.  

 "If after a DNA test conducted at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine in Bucharest (Mina Minovici) that I am the father of Miss Cirjan's child. I will provide the notary statement of recognition of paternity, and I will take all legal obligations resulting from this situation. Given that so far there is no court order establishing paternity or notarized declaration of paternity recognize my part, I consider that any statements on this topic are unfounded."

In his response to Miss Cirjan,   Nicholas said that if the DNA test proves that that he is the father, he will acknowledge the child and provide support for her.   Miss Cirjan refused this request.

Several hours after Nicholas posted his statement,  Miss Cirjan responded by posting her response to Nicholas' letter on her Facebook page.  She said she had only wanted "quiet, peace and discretion," and responded "for the sake of truth and fairness."

"Dear Counsellor,

As results from our previous correspondence on paternity testing by your client, I have asked repeatedly that this test be done by the National Institute of Forensic Medicine "Mina Minovici" in Bucharest and an accredited private clinic, but your client refused this test and a test at an accredited private clinic.

I have not publicized the fact that Mr. Nicholas Medforth-Mills is the father of my child,  and your letter is intimidating and offensive, given that I have asked so many times for your client's discretion, and to take the paternity test at the institute and a private clinic to end this situation.  Moreover, I have kept secret the identity of the father  and did not comply with media request to speak about this issue in order to protect client's image, thought it damaged my image and reputation.

Your insistence to do the paternity test only at the National Institute of Forsenic Medicine "Mina Minovici" in Bucharest by September 19, 2016 arouses suspicion, and therefore, I insist that this test be performed first at a privately accredited clinic in Brasov, where I live with my baby, at mutually agreed date, and then at the IML in Bucharest.

I reserve the right to bring action in the courts to establish paternity, as this action is not subject to the statute of limitations"

Regards,  Nicoleta Cirjan."

Nicholas is the grandson of King Michael of Romania.  He was styled and titled HRH Prince Nicholas of Romania, and heir to the throne until last August, when the King removed his titles and his right of succession.

The National Institute of Forensic Medicine has branches throughout Romania.  DNA tests that are done in any of the branches are accepted as court evidence.  DNA testing done at private clinics do not carry the same weight in court decisions.

Nicoleta and her child can file paternity claims until Iris reaches the age of 18, but Iris can file her own paternity claim at any time in her life, according to Romanian law.


Royalty fan said...

23 October 2019

Oh my word, is this the reason, the heir to the Romanian throne, was stripped of his title, and role of succession? Only, because, he has a child out of wedlock...... oh, for crying out loud......this is the 21st century!!!!! Their's other heir's, who married single person's, WITH A CHILD!!!!!

Royalty fan said...

23 October 2019
Give this guy a break, give him another chance, to become the next king!!!!!

Your sincere

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

the DNA test did prove he is the father. There is far more to the story