Monday, September 19, 2016

A new baby for the Prince and Princess of Prussia

both photos copyright Daniel Angelescu.
Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, head of the Imperial House of Germany, is confirmed that his wife, Princess Sophie is expecting a fourth child.
"I have three and a half children, " he said at the inauguration of the Innovation Campus at Empfingen.

The baby is due sometime in November, according to Gala magazine.

Twin sons, Princes Carl Friedrich and Louis Ferdinand, were born at Bremen on January 20, 2013.  Younger sister, Princess Emma Marie, born at Bremen on April 2,  2015.

Princess Sophie's bump was certainly visible when she and Prince Georg Friedrich attended an exhibit, "Carmen Sylva - a Queen from Neuwied at the Röntgen Museum in Neuwied.

They were accompanied by Prince Radu of Romania and Sophie's widowed sister, Isabelle, Princess of Wied.

The exhibit commemorates Elisabeth's life as a Princess of Wied.  She was born Princess Elisabeth Ottilie Luise of Wied on December 29, 1843, the daughter Hermann, Prince of Wied, and his wife, Princess Marie of Nassau.   She married King Carol I of Romania (nee Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen in 1869.)   They had one daughter,  Princess Marie, who died at the age three in 1874.

Queen Elisabeth of Romania died at Bucharest on March 2, 1916.

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Emerald said...

I really like this couple and I'm happy for their expanding family! I see that Georg Friedrich finally has a good tailor that have his pants well fit. Really looks good!